System Software

The Bayes Robotics intelligent digital software system includes resource scheduling, visualization, and more, helping achieve precise and efficient management.

Data Resource Management System

Collects real-time data from software and hardware, including task monitoring, device monitoring, and fault monitoring, aggregates and analyzes historical data, and builds an intuitive, clear operation and maintenance management platform. It displays the overall system operation status.

Central Dispatch System

The multi-robot, multi-task dispatch system is the key and core of the logistics transportation system. It integrates and allocates resources such as robots, dedicated elevators, task routes, etc., to enable robots to perform efficient, accurate, and seamless operations.

Digital Twin Operations System

Leveraging digital twin technology along with artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and robotics, it breaks the visual boundaries of traditional robot operations, providing an intuitive display of real-time robot operation status. This system helps achieve comprehensive, objective, high-precision, and real-time management of robot systems.


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