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Jiangsu AIBAYES Robot Co., Ltd. (Bayes Robotics) is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence, specializing in the development, manufacturing, and sales of AI-powered robots with L4 autonomous driving technology at its core. We are a leader in the global AI industry, providing comprehensive AI+Vision AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) solutions. Our technology has been widely adopted in more than 20 fields, including government, healthcare, education, finance, and more, serving over 500 cities worldwide.


Bayes Robotics conducts research and development in areas such as navigation, algorithms, cloud computing, software/hardware, drivers, and controls. We have accumulated expertise in robot powertrain system technology, enabling us to design and manufacture core components and complete robots independently. This includes autonomous algorithms and software platforms. We leverage this expertise to create integrated solutions tailored to specific verticals and scenarios. Our product portfolio includes industrial vision-based AMR autonomous mobile robots, hospital full-scene logistics delivery robots, SPD supply chain consumables management robots, commercial service robots, and more.


Our R&D team is composed of senior R&D engineers from Fortune 500 companies, professor-level senior engineers, senior system engineers with experience in national major projects, professors and doctoral advisors from prestigious universities (Project 985), and postdoctoral researchers and master’s degree supervisors from the Institute of Computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, among other experts. Key team members have previously worked for well-known high-tech enterprises such as HUAWEI, ZTE, KUKA, Finisar, and others, accumulating over 30 years of industry experience.

Research and Development Strength -Leading Unit in Chinese Technological Innovation Intellectual Property and System Certification:
We have accumulated over 100 patent applications, with invention patents accounting for 30% of the total.

We have obtained system certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, ISO GB/T27922-2011, and CR Robot Product Certification.

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Honors and Awards

Our company, a leading high-tech enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence that specializes in research, manufacturing, and sales of commercial service robots,

has received recognition from various sectors of the industry, earning numerous honors and awards.

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To date, Bayes Robots has a presence in all 34 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in China, as well as expanding its reach to multiple countries and regions worldwide, including Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, France, and many others.

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