Logistics AMR

FLASH 300 is suitable for warehouse distribution and factory production line transportation scenarios. It employs multi-modal sensor fusion technology, including lasers and vision, to accurately locate and automatically dock with specific shelf positions, enabling unmanned material handling and transportation. FLASH 300-L adds a touch-based commercial interactive screen to the AMR chassis, allowing for the configuration of intuitive interaction interfaces based on customer business processes. This simplifies the interaction process during picking, making task requirements clear and operation guidance concise and efficient.

Lifting AMR

MAX 600 boasts a larger working surface and higher load-bearing capacity. It offers strong compatibility, supporting the attachment of rollers, shelves, safety boxes, and more. It provides a wealth of interfaces for flexible applications, suitable for various business scenarios. Its advanced automation technology and intelligent control system make it versatile for a wide range of applications, including medium-sized warehouse picking, bulk order fulfillment, and factory material handling. Its outstanding performance and features contribute to a comprehensive enhancement of operational efficiency in warehouses and factories.

Forklift Robot

HULK 1500 is specifically designed for material handling, transporting, loading, and positioning tasks in industrial and logistics sectors. Equipped with advanced control systems and safety devices, it is tailored for material handling and stacking operations in narrow spaces or areas with height restrictions. They can reduce physical labor, enhance production efficiency, lower labor costs, and mitigate risks in the workplace. Its compact size and small turning radius make it highly suitable for handling goods in confined spaces such as warehouses and workshops.

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