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At Bayes Robotics, we prioritize our customers and pay meticulous attention to every detail, creating a comprehensive service system that covers pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales stages. We are committed to providing you with full technical support and services to address your real-world challenges.

Dedicated Professional Teams

Our highly skilled research and development teams, along with our professional pre-sales technical support team, are at your service. We have project implementation experts who tailor comprehensive logistics solutions for hospitals based on their unique scenarios and operational needs.

Pre-sale Support

Requirements Survey

We conduct comprehensive requirements surveys to support prospective clients. Our team visits hospital premises, assesses the environment, and provides tailored recommendations to address specific needs.

System Planning

For newly constructed hospitals, we offer comprehensive smart logistics planning based on the hospital's requirements. Our goal is to establish the most optimal logistics and distribution model to meet your needs.

Solution Design

Before the project begins, we will provide a tailored and comprehensive solution based on your specific requirements and the results of our on-site research.

Pre-Sale Support: Building a Comprehensive Service System and Providing Services During the pre-sale phase, we focus on establishing a comprehensive service system and delivering high-quality services to meet your needs.

After-sale Support

24*7 Response

Our service network covers the entire country, and our 24*7 customer service hotline (400) ensures a rapid response to customer needs.

Fault Handling

Our backend system continuously monitors equipment usage. In case of abnormalities, it sends alerts to our engineers. Upon receiving a customer's repair request, we guarantee to arrive on-site within 48 hours.

Operations and Maintenance

We offer regular maintenance to ensure that the robots maintain optimal operational status. Additionally, we provide technical upgrade services during software updates.

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