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3C electronic factories typically have complex production lines and warehouses, with large workshop areas and scattered distribution of production parts. This complexity makes traditional manual handling prone to errors, leading to damaged or lost items. Moreover, 3C electronic products come in a variety of types, and some are sensitive to electrostatic discharge and dust, requiring special handling. Manual handling is not suitable for such scenarios. Furthermore, the efficiency of production lines is constrained by the speed and accuracy of manual handling…

The development of the new energy industry has driven an increase in demand for logistics and material handling. However, compared to traditional logistics and material handling, new energy logistics and material handling face some challenges. To address these issues, the application of robots has become an innovative solution. This article will explore the pain points in the scenarios of new energy logistics and material handling where robots are involved and propose corresponding solutions and highlights.

In the manufacturing industry, logistics often encounters several pain points. The transportation of raw materials, components, and finished products on production lines requires a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. However, traditional manual logistics management has the following pain points…

The automation of material handling processes in factories through the use of robots has revolutionized industrial operations. This article explores the solutions provided by factory robots for efficient material handling, focusing on the pain points 

The integration of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) into large warehouses has marked a significant advancement in optimizing logistics operations. These intelligent robots are addressing critical pain points and enhancing efficiency in warehouse management.

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