Starting from just one unit for ODM/OEM

Serving the global market, offering one-step robot solutions

Customized Hardware

Hardware combination modularization makes the function more fit

Standard Communication Protocols

Common software communication protocols: HTTP/HTTPS, WebSocket, MQIT

Hardware standard protocols: CAN bus, RS485/RS232, Modbus protocol

Stardard Interfaces


Serial Port

Ethernet Port


Rapid Integration

With mature proprietary products and extensive deployment experience, we can meet enterprises' need for rapidly building custom robots.

Customized Software

Rich scene application software is arbitrarily matched according to needs

You can quickly extract the corresponding functions through 8 major scenario applications.

Exhibition halls







Party building

Shorten Development Cycle, Improve Efficiency

Bayes Robotics has a comprehensive software suite
From development to production in just 60 days

Focused on Enterprise-Level Customized Solutions

Bayes Robotics conducts research in navigation, algorithms, cloud computing, software/hardware, drivers, and controls, accumulating expertise in robot powertrain system technology. We achieve the design and manufacturing of both core components and complete machines, as well as the independent development of algorithm scheduling and software platforms. With these capabilities, we deeply integrate with vertical scenarios and create systematic solutions for multiple applications. Our product lineup includes industrial vision AMR autonomous mobile robots, hospital full-scenario logistics delivery robots, SPD supply chain consumables management robots, commercial service robots, and more.

Smart Manufacturing Center for Enhanced Production Flexibility

Bayes Robotics's intelligent manufacturing center seamlessly collaborates with the software and hardware development teams to enhance flexibility in production.

Professional structural design team

Professional modular organization ability

Custom Project Workflow

Customization Consultation

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