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HULK 1500 is specifically designed for material handling, transporting, loading, and positioning tasks in industrial and logistics sectors. Equipped with advanced control systems and safety devices, it is tailored for material handling and stacking operations in narrow spaces or areas with height restrictions. They can reduce physical labor, enhance production efficiency, lower labor costs, and mitigate risks in the workplace. Its compact size and small turning radius make it highly suitable for handling goods in confined spaces such as warehouses and workshops.

Product Features

Vehicle Recognition

The robot is capable of high-precision recognition and accurate fork handling, with the functionality of vehicle recognition, ensuring efficient material handling.

Safety Protection

The robot is equipped with a variety of safety sensors that enable real-time perception of its surrounding environment, preventing collisions and hazardous situations, ensuring workplace safety.

Precision Navigation

Supports ±10mm navigation position accuracy, 360° full-vision laser navigation, and bidirectional flexible movement.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Provides 8 hours of continuous operation on a single charge and autonomously returns for recharging when the battery is low, allowing for extended periods of uninterrupted work.

Autonomous Recharging

When the battery reaches a preset low level, the robot automatically navigates to the charging station, recharges autonomously, eliminating the need to worry about charging issues.

3D Obstacle Avoidance

Supports optional 3D obstacle avoidance for comprehensive 360° protection, further enhancing product safety performance.


Product parameters

Basic parameters
Maximum Load
Aisle Width
Lifting Height
Performance parameters
Positioning Accuracy
Battery Life
8 hours

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