Industrial Logistics AMR


FLASH 300 is suitable for warehouse distribution and factory production line transportation scenarios. It employs multi-modal sensor fusion technology, including lasers and vision, to accurately locate and automatically dock with specific shelf positions, enabling unmanned material handling and transportation. FLASH 300-L adds a touch-based commercial interactive screen to the AMR chassis, allowing for the configuration of intuitive interaction interfaces based on customer business processes. This simplifies the interaction process during picking, making task requirements clear and operation guidance concise and efficient.

Product Features

Automated Material Handling

This industrial logistics AMR is capable of autonomously completing material handling tasks, from the warehouse to the production line, or between different workstations along the production line, reducing the burden on human labor.

Efficient Path Planning

The robot is equipped with advanced path planning algorithms that allow it to navigate around obstacles, select optimal routes, and efficiently carry out logistics tasks, reducing time and energy consumption.

Intelligent Collision Avoidance

The robot is equipped with a variety of safety sensors that enable real-time perception of its surroundings and personnel, preventing collisions and hazardous situations, ensuring a safe working environment.

Autonomous Charging

The robot features automatic charging capability, allowing it to autonomously return to a charging station when its battery is low, and then resume its work, ensuring uninterrupted logistics operations.

Efficient Human-Robot Collaboration

In scenarios requiring collaboration with human operators, the robot can safely share workspace with workers using human-robot collaboration technology, enhancing production efficiency.

Adaptable to Multiple Environments

Capable of adapting to various work scenarios and layouts, quickly acclimating to its surroundings, and flexibly adjusting its strategies to accommodate different production line configurations and changes while executing logistics tasks.


Product Specifications

Basic parameters
Maximum Load
Navigation Method
Laser Navigation + Visual Assistance
Battery Life
8 hours
Climbing Ability
≤5%, 3
Performance parameters
Navigation Accuracy
Maximum Step Climbing

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