Smart Healthcare

Empowering Intelligent Triage for Smart Upgrades

Hospital intelligent guidance is a robotic-driven system that utilizes medical AI and natural language processing technologies. It features autonomous navigation capabilities and can provide intelligent guidance, interactive Q&A sessions, and health education services to patients. Intelligent triage quickly recommends specialized doctors based on patients’ complaints and symptoms, while intelligent Q&A addresses hospital-related inquiries, offering solutions to patients who may lack medical knowledge and face difficulties with in-person consultations. This system helps alleviate the mismatch of medical resources and aligns with the hospital’s smart service rating goals.

Highlights of the Solution

  1. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Intelligent guidance reduces waiting time and confusion, significantly improving the patient’s overall healthcare experience. It offers conversational guidance through AI-powered chat, intelligently recognizing patient intentions (guidance, symptom inquiry, medication queries, hospital inquiries, etc.) and providing relevant assistance. Patients can interact using both voice and text inputs, making it convenient for everyone.


  1. Reduced Workload

The intelligent guidance system provides personalized navigation for each patient based on their specific needs and conditions. This relieves healthcare professionals from repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on delivering specialized care to patients.


  1. Elevated Hospital Image in Smart Healthcare

Intelligent guidance services cover all common departments in general hospitals and can be tailored to meet specific needs in specialized departments like dentistry or ophthalmology. This contributes to a more comprehensive and intelligent healthcare image for the hospital and accelerates the hospital’s smart healthcare initiatives.


  1. Customized and Lightweight Integration

The solution offers a customizable integration process tailored to each hospital’s departmental divisions, functional breakdowns, and physician resource distribution. The integration process is lightweight and straightforward, requiring minimal development effort on the part of the hospital.


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