Smart Healthcare

Empowering Intelligent Upgrades in Hospital Logistics

Pain points in the scenario:

The comprehensive solution for intelligent hospital logistics centers around the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), equipped with an intelligent scheduling system and a digital twin management system. This forms an efficient logistics system within the hospital’s application ecosystem. Leveraging industry-leading technology, outstanding quality, and performance, this solution covers critical areas such as operating rooms, disinfection supply centers, pharmacies, sterile compounding centers, wards, laboratories, and storage facilities. It addresses the challenge of transporting large quantities of supplies during peak periods within the hospital, creating an AMR-powered intelligent logistics system across all hospital scenarios. This makes the circulation of hospital supplies more efficient, flexible, and intelligent. There is no need for structural modifications or additional signage. This solution improves the efficiency of supply distribution within the hospital, enables precise supply management, reduces healthcare costs, and enhances the hospital’s brand image.

The Value of Robot Logistics Transport:

  1. 24/7 Delivery: Provides hospitals with round-the-clock delivery, saving transportation time and improving efficiency.
  2. Cost Savings: Effectively reduces labor transportation costs.
  3. Reduced Workload: Decreases the workload of medical and nursing staff, enhancing job satisfaction.
  4. Improved Service Quality: Reduces non-direct patient care time, enhancing the quality of healthcare services.
  5. Medication Supply: Meets the routine and ad-hoc medication needs of patients.
  6. Error Reduction: Offers features such as data statistics, electronic signatures, and barcode verification, effectively reducing the risk of human errors.
  7. Separate Transport: Segregates clean and contaminated supplies, effectively reducing the risk of cross-contamination or disease transmission.
  8. Cost-Effective: Has low setup costs, suitable for both new and existing hospitals with gradual investment.
  9. Increased Automation: Elevates the hospital’s level of automation and intelligence, enhancing its brand and competitiveness.


The Panorama of Smart Hospital Logistics:

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