Food Delivery Robot


The multifunctional food delivery robot COLA, developed by Bayes Robotics, is a service robot specially designed for indoor unmanned delivery scenarios. It pioneers a new industry model of "delivery + welcoming + cruising", allowing for seamless switching between these three models. Its goal is to assist customers in enhancing service efficiency, reducing operational costs, offering differentiated services, and improving brand image.

Product Features

Diverse Modes

Pioneering the ability to switch between three modes: "Delivery, Welcoming, and Cruising" at will, creating differentiated services, saving on labor and operational costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Multi-Point Delivery

Featuring a large-angle four-layer extra-large tray structure measuring 40.5*52cm, with each layer capable of carrying up to 10kg, enabling the simultaneous delivery of four tables, and the capability to handle multiple tasks in parallel.

Infrared Sensing

Infrared sensing technology automatically detects the status of items being picked up from the tray. It features a quick-detach structural design, making it easier to replace and clean the product.

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

With a self-developed modular motion chassis and the fusion of multiple sensors for precise positioning, it can achieve autonomous and accurate navigation, providing 3D omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. This flexibility allows it to navigate and deliver in complex environments with ease.

Comprehensive Perception

Equipped with various integrated sensory interaction features, including voice interaction, LED strip interaction, facial expression interaction, touch interaction, UI interaction, and more, providing a human-centric and immersive user experience.

Rapid Charging

Supports three charging modes: rapid battery replacement, automatic return-to-charge, and direct charging. The pull-out battery design separates charging from usage scenarios, ensuring 24-hour continuous operation.


Product Specifications

Basic Parameters
Screen Size
10.1 inches
.Load Capacity
10kg (single layer)
Cargo Capacity
40.5*52*18cm (single layer)
Storage Temperature
-20°C to 50°C
Performance Parameters
Charging Time
6 hours
Walking Speed
0.5-1.2m/s (customizable)
25.2V 18.2Ah Lithium Battery
Battery Life
7*24 hours (replaceable)
Charging Method
Battery replacement/automatic return-to-charge/direct charging

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