Hospital Disinfection Robot


The medical disinfection robot HINER, independently developed and designed by Bayes Robotics, supports three disinfection modes: ultra-dry mist disinfection with disinfectant, UVC ultraviolet disinfection, and plasma air purification disinfection. It can provide 360° comprehensive disinfection of indoor surfaces and air, leaving no dead zones. Additionally, it is equipped with Bayes Robotics' indoor L4 autonomous driving technology, allowing it to autonomously plan disinfection routes, navigate obstacle avoidance, and return to its docking station for charging without the need for manual intervention.

Product Features

Triple Disinfection Mode

Switch between three disinfection modes: UVC ultraviolet, super dry fogging, and plasma air purification, catering to various disinfection needs, with a disinfection and sterilization rate of up to 99.99%.

Automated Disinfection

This disinfection robot can autonomously perform disinfection tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving the efficiency and consistency of disinfection.

Comprehensive Coverage

The robot is equipped with a precise navigation system and sensing technology to ensure that it can cover the entire disinfection area, including hard-to-reach corners and surfaces.

Safety Sensors

The robot is equipped with safety sensors that can detect both people and obstacles, preventing collisions with individuals or objects and ensuring safety during the disinfection process.

Environmentally Friendly Design

The robot is manufactured using eco-friendly materials and does not generate harmful substances during the disinfection process, meeting international environmental standards.

Versatile for Multiple Scenarios

Whether in healthcare, schools, or office settings, this disinfection robot is suitable for various scenarios and object disinfection needs.


Product Specifications

Basic Parameters
Fog Output
Screen Size
10.1 inches
Fog Nozzles
6 sets
UVC Ultraviolet Lamps
Performance Parameters
Movement Speed
0.6-1.0m/s (adjustable)
Obstacle Clearance
Maximum Climbing Angle
Battery Life
5 hours
Charging Time
2 hours

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