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The Buddy series unmanned transport chassis is a universal chassis designed for mobile robot applications. It provides core map construction and navigation functions for mobile robot applications. The general chassis provides a wealth of extended interfaces such as I/O, CAN, etc. It is used to equip various upper -level institutions. With powerful client software and scheduling systems, it can help users quickly complete the manufacturing and application of mobile robots. There are four installation holes above the Miao series unmanned transport chassis, which supports arbitrarily expand it with top upgrades, rollers, robotics, latent traction, gimbal, display, etc. to achieve a variety of chassis applications. Bayesian -launched Bayesian smart enterprise digital centralization can achieve uniform scheduling and deployment of hundreds of BUDDY products at the same time, greatly improving the intelligent level of the internal logistics and transportation of the factory.

Product Features

Guided Tour and Explanation

Supports customized point-to-point explanations, utilizes laser SLAM navigation technology, accurately perceives the surrounding environment, and achieves autonomous obstacle avoidance.

Welcoming Reception

Proactively attracts guests from a distance, initiates greetings without the need for prompting, and offers various forms of human-machine interaction, including voice, visual, and gestures.

Wayfinding and Guiding

Initiates guidance, directs and diverts customers, and uses precise route voice announcements or navigation to lead customers to their destination.

Advertising and Customer Engagement

Serving as the store's visual attraction, it supports various advertising configuration modes, including voice, video, images, etc., to assist in promotional campaigns, attract customer traffic, and enhance engagement.

Q&A Consultation

The cloud-based brain allows for easy modular configuration of a Q&A database, supporting various types of Q&A such as voice-based inquiries, image presentations, video playback, and professional knowledge exchange.

Data Analysis

Utilizing real-time multi-mode deep learning based on the cloud-based brain, it collects visitor information through big data recording and achieves intelligent data analysis.


Product Specifications

Basic Parameters
Screen Size
11.6 inches IPS
Ultrasonic Sensors
Obstacle Clearance
Performance Parameters
Navigation Method
Laser Radar
Movement Speed
0.5-1.2m/s (customizable)
25.2V 18.2Ah Lithium Battery
Operating Duration
10 hours
Charging Duration
6 hours

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