Pioneers in the fight against epidemics! Bayesian Medical Intelligent Sterilisation Robot Helps Fight Epidemic Intelligently

At present, the global epidemic is still running at a high level, and China’s local epidemic shows the characteristics of multiple, widespread and frequent outbreaks, with large-scale aggregation of epidemics still existing in many areas, making the situation of prevention and control grim and complicated. Many factors, such as the continuous mutation of the virus strain and the increasing number of asymptomatic infected people, have made the prevention and control of the epidemic more and more difficult. In order to protect people’s lives and health, it is imperative to carry out high-quality disinfection work.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people for the elimination of the demand has gradually from the medical place gradually spread to all kinds of scenes offline, but the elimination of this work is far from being imagined so simple, to achieve the desired effect of the elimination is often a very technical test. The elimination of large public places is generally done by manual work, such as shopping malls, stations, hospitals, these high traffic, crowded large public places, the need for elimination operations in a large area, high frequency, heavy task, elimination of the quality and efficiency is often difficult to control, and there is a great risk of exposure to the staff, manual elimination of this way is not a permanent solution to promote the elimination of the Intelligent elimination has become an optimal path to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


In order to solve the various problems arising from manual disinfection work, and at the same time provide security for the resumption of work and production, Bayes Robotics launched the “ultra-dry atomised disinfection + UVC ultraviolet disinfection + plasma air purification” triple intelligent disinfection robot solution.


Triple Intelligent Disinfection, 360°Dead Angle-free Disinfection


HINER triple disinfection robot integrates three disinfection modes: ultra-dry fogging disinfection, UVC UV disinfection, and plasma air purification, which can be switched and matched at will to match the diversified disinfection needs of users in different scenarios.


The top of HINER is configured with 6 groups of fogging nozzles, under the support of fogging nozzles to achieve micron-level fogging disinfection, the amount of fogging can be up to five times that of an ordinary fogging robot, and it can easily disinfect 1000m³ of space in 15 minutes. Moreover, it is equipped with an intelligent anti-dry burn function, which will automatically alarm when there is a low liquid level situation inside the container, protecting the internal structure and the safety of the user. HINER is equipped with 4 groups of UVC lamps, the average value of UVC irradiance at 1m in front of the light is over 200µW/cm², which can directly destroy the molecular structure of bacterial and viral cells, making the cells unable to regenerate, so as to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the space in an all-round way. At the same time, HINER supports the plasma air purification function and the composite double-layer filter design, which efficiently filters PM2.5 particles. Combining three disinfection modes in one, HINER can perfectly adapt to all kinds of disinfection demand scenarios, so that the elimination work is more efficient, more thorough and more targeted.


Intelligent pedestrian monitoring to ensure environmental safety.


HINER is equipped with high-precision LIDAR, which can monitor all pedestrians within a 2-metre radius of the surrounding area in real time when the disinfection mode is turned on, and intelligently turn off the UVC disinfection mode to ensure the safety of people in the environment.


Separation of man and machine, fully automatic disinfection programmed.


HINER’s built-in panel supports the booking of disinfection tasks, including the setting of disinfection routes, disinfection time and disinfection modes. A booking can be executed periodically, and the subsequent disinfection of the whole process does not require manual intervention, which truly achieves the separation of man and machine, the prevention of cross-infection, and the enhancement of healthcare protection. Moreover, after the disinfection task is completed, HINER can automatically return to the charging post for charging, realizing 7×24-hour all-weather work and relieving users from the worries brought by insufficient power.


From adapting to all kinds of disinfection demand scenarios, supporting the appointment of customized disinfection plans to automatically returning to the charging station, it is a reflection of the user-friendliness of HINER’s functions. HINER’s intelligent shutdown mode after monitoring pedestrians is a reflection of HINER’s care for users and health protection, and HINER’s disinfecting effect is also checked by layers of experimental data, without any ambiguity. In Guangdong Microbiology Testing Centre, HINER’s disinfection effect and safety have been authoritatively certified, and it has obtained the CMA certificate issued by the Centre and completed the record of disinfection products. This proves that HINER is able to perform excellently in its native disinfection work, complemented by diverse functions that allow Bayes to make the disinfection robot the best it can be.

HINER’s automated disinfection operation greatly improves the quality and efficiency of disinfection and frees disinfection personnel from dangerous exposure environments and tedious work. HINER’s application scenarios include business districts, transport hubs, office buildings, hospitals and other scenarios, which provide a solid guarantee for people’s life and health safety. At present, HINER triple disinfection robot has been put into use in many hospitals, greatly easing the shortage of healthcare workers and creating an efficient solution for contact-free indoor disinfection services.


Bayes Robotics has given full play to its product and technology advantages in this “war epidemic”, integrating unmanned technology with the elimination scenarios, and continuously promoting the intelligence of elimination. In the future, Bayesian Robotics will continue to devote itself to the cause of public health, and actively contribute to the normalization of epidemic prevention. At the same time, Bayes Robotics will continue to give full play to its high-tech advantages, continue to explore the application of disinfection robots in diversified scenarios, and continue to promote scientific and technological epidemic prevention, so as to contribute a strong “war epidemic” power to the work of epidemic prevention.

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