Good News! Bayes Robotics is recognised as a “National High-Tech Enterprise”.

Recently, Jiangsu Bayes Robotics Co., Ltd (“Bayes Robotics” for short) was awarded the “High and New Technology Enterprise Certificate” jointly issued by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance, and Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, the award of the High and New Technology Enterprise Certification not only reflects Bayes Robotics’ continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence, but also fully affirms its technological strength and research and development level. This award not only reflects the quality of Bayes Robotics’ continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence, but also fully affirms its technological strength and research and development level.

National high-tech enterprises, also known as national high-tech enterprises, are resident enterprises that have been registered for more than one year in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) within the “high-tech fields supported by the state”, and have continued to carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements, formed the core of independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and carried out business activities based on this, and have been registered for more than one year within the territory of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). It is established by the state to support and encourage the development of enterprises in the field of high and new technology, adjust the industrial structure and enhance the competitiveness of the national economy, and this certification has a number of rigorous and comprehensive investigation on the self-research capabilities of the participating enterprises, the core technology, R & D investment, independent intellectual property rights, and the technological field, and so on. Therefore, it is of great significance for enterprises to obtain the certification of “High and New Technology Enterprise” to adjust the industrial structure, enhance the corporate brand image and optimize the corporate management.


Founded in 2019, Bayes Robotics is a high-tech innovative enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of globally advanced artificial intelligence and commercial service robots with indoor L4 self-driving technology as the core. Since then, Bayes Robotics has been focusing on the development model of “one horizontal and two verticals” and is committed to professionally building AI+ service robotics scenario solutions, and helping people’s production and life to achieve intelligent upgrading with high-precision professional standards, advanced products and services.

Empowering the Intelligent Ecology


In recent years, with the development of intelligent technology and the explosion of industry demand, robots have gradually entered real life and assumed important roles in various fields.


As a company that successfully applies commercial service robots to diversified scenarios, Bayes Robotics has always empowered various industries with high-quality products, a professional operation team, and systematic and stringent technical research and development standards, solving the worries of scenario application and breaking the worries of terminal service, and ploughing into the commercial service robots to bring people a higher-quality and smarter life by covering various fields and scenarios in the lives of hospitals, enterprises, and individuals. Intelligent life. At present, Bayes Robotics intelligent products have been widely used in more than 20 fields such as government affairs, hospitals, schools, finance, etc., serving more than 500 cities around the world, and its strength is highly recognized by customers!

Technology Leads Development


Gathering AI power and empowering industrial development with technology. Bayes Robotics has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, on the one hand, it stems from Bayes Robotics’ accumulation of talents and continuous breakthroughs in the field of AI. Bayes Robotics core team members have worked for Huawei, ZTE, China Electronics Technology Group, Coors, Finisar and other hard-core high-tech enterprises, and the technicians have complete independent research and development and production management capabilities, with more than 30 years of cumulative industry experience.


On the other hand, Bayes Robotics upholds the concept of promoting the intelligent upgrading of the real economy with artificial intelligence, digs deep into multi-functional intelligent application scenarios, continues to innovate in technology and products, and launches a series of service robot products, which meets people’s needs for consumption upgrade of intelligent services in different scenarios. Take BUDDY tour guide robot as an example, as a new intelligent product independently developed and designed by Bayes Robotics, it is equipped with a full-stack multi-sensor fusion perception system, equipped with self-adaptive scene semantics of the interaction of the knowledge map, which can meet the different scenarios such as intelligent medical care, intelligent services, intelligent education, tour guides, etc., to provide multi-functional all-round services for the people, so it instantly ignited the market when it was listed. Therefore, it instantly ignited new vitality in the market and gained the favor and praise of many customers!

In addition to guided tour robots, Bayes Robotics has also independently developed a variety of service robots such as hospital medicine delivery robots, logistics robots, disinfection robots, explanation robots, bank customer service robots, food delivery robots, etc., which have created multi-functional application scenarios and solutions, and have intelligently empowered the service robot industry!


Live up to the original intention and move forward. Over the years, Bayes Robotics has carried out in-depth research in navigation, algorithms, cloud, software/hardware, drive, control, with the attitude of “icebreaker”, dare to gnaw on the technical bones, and constantly breakthroughs, and ride the wind and waves to ultimately realize the cocoon into a butterfly, and now Bayes Robotics has advanced robot powertrain system technology in China. Now Bayes Robotics has advanced robot powertrain system technology in China, and can achieve independent research and development from core components to machine design and manufacturing, algorithm scheduling to software platform, and use it as a carrier to combine with vertical scenes in depth, and professionally create AI+robotics full-scene solutions!

Under the continuous efforts, as a new generation of intelligent “service robot” technology pioneer and pioneer, Bayes Robotics has applied for more than 100 patents, of which 30% are invention patents, and has obtained ISO 9001, 14001, 20001, 27001, 45001, CR Robotics product certification. At the same time, Bayes Robotics has obtained ISO 9001, 14001, 20001, 27001, 45001 and CR Robotics product certification, which makes it a strong competitor and leader in the industry!


The award of high-tech enterprise certification is not only the recognition of the comprehensive strength of Bayes Robotics, but also the encouragement and encouragement for Bayes Robotics to achieve greater results in the future. Standing in the new wind mouth of the development of robotics, the future, Bayes Robotics will shake the spirit of excellence, through continuous strengthening of technological research and development, to enhance the ability of independent innovation, to promote the iterative upgrading of products, to broaden the application of robotics scene!

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