Focusing on the “Robot” Era, Intelligent Service Solutions for Industry Development

At present, China is making great strides towards building a scientific and technological powerhouse. Recently in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education and other 17 departments jointly issued the “Robot +” application of action implementation plan, pointed out that in 2025 the density of manufacturing robots should be doubled compared with 2020, and around the economic field of manufacturing, agriculture, construction, energy, trade and logistics, as well as the field of social and livelihood areas of health care, elderly care, education, commercial community services, safety and emergency and extreme environment applications, 10 major application key scenarios, with artificial intelligence and other “artificial intelligence”. Around the economic field of manufacturing, agriculture, construction, energy, trade and logistics, as well as the social and livelihood field of medical and health care, pension services, education, commercial community services, safety and emergency and extreme environmental applications, such as 10 key application scenarios, artificial intelligence and other “strong technology” as the engine, to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to enhance the vitality of enterprise innovation, and to promote the development of new industries.


Bayes Robotics, as a leader in the domestic artificial intelligence track, has been dedicated to researching the field of “Robot+” solutions for many years, has advanced core technologies, and its products are widely used in the economy and people’s livelihood and other fields, creating diversified and high-quality robotics solutions that far exceed the market’s similar level, and becoming a strong competitor and pioneer in the industry. It has become a strong competitor and pioneer in the industry.


Medical guide robot

AI-enabled to create a full-scene solution


In recent years, with the outbreak of industry demand, the robotics market has shown a competitive pattern. Bayes Robotics focuses on the field of artificial intelligence, actively responds to the call of the state, and continuously increases its investment in scientific research to empower industrial digitalisation and intelligent transformation and upgrading with wisdom. Adhering to the concept of promoting the intelligent upgrading of the real economy with artificial intelligence, Bayes Robotics has created AI+ robotics solutions for logistics, healthcare, commercial community services and other diverse scenarios, such as intelligent healthcare, intelligent services, intelligent education, intelligent culture and tourism, and intelligent logistics, etc., and its professional strength has attracted the attention of the industry.

Hospital logistics robot


Firstly, in the field of intelligent medical care. Three years ago, due to the severe epidemic situation, in response to the call of national demand, Bayes Robotics innovatively realized a close combination of intelligent robots and basic medical construction, using big data as a means and intelligent robots as a carrier, and targeted to help hospitals solve the pain points of time constraints, heavy tasks, and lack of manpower in response to the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the country, creating a complete set of intelligent medical solutions, launching the Hospital logistics robot, HINER medical disinfection robot, COLIN intelligent nebulisation disinfection robot, COLA multi-functional food delivery robot, BUDDY guided tour explaining robot series product matrix, constantly empowering the medical field, for the hospital disinfection and protection, human-machine collaboration, and communication with the patient to provide information technology and digital high-efficiency solutions.

Medical Sterilisation Robot


Secondly, in the field of intelligent services, Bayes Robotics has launched two products, BUDDY guided tour robot and COLA multifunctional food delivery robot. On the one hand, BUDDY, as a guiding and explaining robot built for intelligent service scenarios, is not only adaptable to medical scenarios, but also well suited for crowded places such as exhibition halls, shopping malls, communities, government halls and other crowded places to provide people with accurate intelligent services. During the service process, BUDDY can give professional guided tours and Q&A consulting by recognising questions through voice and then accurately matching the built-in knowledge base. In times of epidemic, BUDDY can also be transformed into an intelligent service helper, shuttling in airports, high-speed railway stations and other important public places, greatly reducing the workload of epidemic prevention personnel; on the other hand, COLA, as a Bayesian robot pioneered the collection of “delivery + welcoming + cruising” in one of the new mode of robots, is designed for the unmanned indoor On the other hand, COLA, as a new model robot integrating “delivery + greeting + patrolling” pioneered by Bayes Robotics, is an intelligent product specially designed for indoor unmanned delivery scenarios, with a 40.5*52cm large angle four-layer oversized pallet structure, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 10 KG/layer, which enables multi-point delivery service and effectively improves the service efficiency. Today, both products are widely used in government halls, exhibition halls, hotels, coffee shops, banks and other service scenarios, which not only effectively reduces operating costs for customers, but also makes the service smarter and more efficient!

Food delivery robot


In the field of intelligent education, BUDDY guided tour robot, as a new intelligent product independently developed and designed by Bayes Robotics, is equipped with a full-stack multi-sensor fusion perception system, equipped with self-adaptive scene semantics of the interactive knowledge map, which can meet the needs of users for guided tours, questions and answers, and other diversified educational services in different scenarios. Whether it’s the guided tours in smart exhibition halls, or school knowledge popularisation, school history museum explanation, question collection, classroom evaluation and other scenarios, BUDDY guided tours and explanation robots can be widely applied, and become a good helper for adults and children to acquire professional knowledge in the field of education.

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