Chen Jinhu, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, investigated Bayes Robotics.

On the morning of 4 August 2022, Chen Jinhu, Secretary of Changzhou Municipal Party Committee, Hang Yong, Qiao Junjie, Xu Huaqin, city leaders, visited Jiangsu Bayes Robotics Co. Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant responsible persons accompanied the research, Wujin High-tech Zone related personnel to participate in the research.

Bayes Robotics is a collection of R & D, design, production, sales as one, with indoor L4 unmanned technology as the core, specializing in creating AI + medical service robotics full-scene solutions company. At present, it has applied for a total of more than 100 patents, of which 35% are invention patents, and its products include hospital-wide logistics robots, high-value consumables management robots, rubbish and quilt recycling robots, disinfection robots, diagnostic guiding robots, and ward missionary robots, etc., which are widely used in various scenes in hospitals. Chen Jinhu, Secretary of Changzhou Municipal Party Committee, and his party viewed the existing series of robot products of Bayes, and learnt in detail about the company’s development, product development, application promotion and development strategy of hospital application innovation service industry.

After the investigation, Chen Jinhu, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, fully affirmed Bayes Robotics’ focus on innovation, and asked the party committees at all levels to bring the “shopkeeper” and “emergency doctor” services to the extreme, help enterprises make good use of the industry, talent, innovation and other policies, and attract more talents to come to Changzhou for innovation and entrepreneurship. To attract more excellent talents to come to Changzhou for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Bayes Robotics is brave enough to make breakthroughs and promote the development of hospital logistics management. The emergence of intelligent hospital logistics robot not only solves the pain points of the industry for many years, but also “accelerates” the construction of intelligent logistics system for hospitals.

Today, the robotics industry is pregnant with major development opportunities, grasp the “wind” can win the initiative. The opportunity of the times, prompting Bayes Robotics R & D team to stimulate more creative kinetic energy, with science and technology for the medical wisdom to empower, and promote the faster development of the robotics industry.


As a local enterprise in Changzhou, we sincerely thank the CPC Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, as well as leaders at all levels, for their great concern and support. In the future, Bayes Robotics will give full play to its own advantages, based on the actual, around the “cohesion of the power of AI, help health care wisdom upgrade” vision, continue to focus on the field of medical service robotics cutting-edge technology, focus on innovation, to develop more products and solutions in line with the market orientation, for Changzhou! We will continue to focus on the cutting-edge technology in the field of medical service robots, focus on innovation, develop more market-oriented products and solutions, and contribute to the construction of Changzhou as an “International Intelligent City”!

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