Bayesian Medical Sterilisation Robot Helps Changzhou Three Hospitals Upgrade Logistics Service System Intelligently

On 16th June, Jiangsu Gaozheng Group joined hands with Bayes Medical Sterilisation Robot HINER to formally station in Changzhou Third People’s Hospital, providing 5G intelligent logistic service guarantee for the hospital. Ms Xu Junying, section chief of Changzhou Third People’s Hospital, Ms Ge Haixia, vice president of Jiangsu Gaozheng Group, and Mr Dong Chao, CEO of Jiangsu Bayes Robotics, and other leaders participated in this event.

Bayes independently developed HINER medical disinfection robot, using 6 groups of ultra-dry atomised nozzles, a one-time can carry 30L large liquid storage capacity, to achieve the market equivalent disinfection robot 5 times the amount of atomisation, 15 minutes can disinfect 1000 cubic meters. At the same time equipped with 4 groups of UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamps, in each square centimetre on the amplitude of illumination reached 200 microwatts, not only to improve the efficiency of elimination, but also on the surface of the environment of the spores and a variety of multi-drug-resistant bacteria 360-degree all-round disinfection, so that the cells can not be regenerated to eliminate secondary pollution, disinfection and sterilization rate of up to 99.99%. HINER robot is also a mobile plasma air purifier, the composite double-layer filter design, and the air purifier can be used to disinfect the air. HINER robot is also a mobile plasma air purifier with a composite double-layer filter design, which can efficiently filter PM2.5 particles in the air, further promote the work of tobacco control in hospitals, and create a healthy and good working environment for patients and hospital staff.


HINER medical disinfection robot carries Bayesian indoor unmanned core technology, which can realise the environment perception automatic obstacle avoidance navigation, and automatically return to the nest charging after the disinfection work is completed. No need for manual guarding, automatic start elimination, and no need to worry about cross-infection, for the city’s epidemic prevention and control added a bright scientific and technological landscape. The two sides reached a deep cooperation to help the city’s scientific and technological epidemic prevention and control work to promote the significance of extraordinary.


Bayes Robotics uses medical disinfection robots as a carrier to build an intelligent platform for medical logistics services. At the same time, the unmanned technology is deeply integrated with the medical scene, and is involved in the construction of intelligent medical guidance, unmanned distribution and other intelligent scenes. Not only greatly reduce the risk of infection in contact with people and people, people and things, but also enhance the management efficiency of the hospital and improve the patient’s medical experience. All-round, multi-dimensional help the construction and development of the city’s intelligent hospital.

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