Bayesian disinfection robots are involved in this Changzhou epidemic prevention to defend people’s safety!

Abstract: Huawei has worked for the “Great White” if it has the idea, Bayes how to live with itself? “Keep out of the house, keep a metre interval distance, do not pile up, do not gather”…… In the past two days, a video shot by a netizen circulated on the Internet. In the video, about one metre tall robot “Dabai” Changzhou City, a community party service centre while “wandering” while spraying disinfectant spray. During the epidemic, in order to reduce the number of people walking around, to avoid cross-infection, but also to take into account the elimination of the virus, Changzhou’s Wujin District Committee for this service centre temporarily equipped with this robot.

“This is our Wujin-made medical disinfection robot HINER. mainly used for public area disinfection, a key start to rest assured that let it work on the line.” Zhou Chengcheng, deputy secretary of the Wujin Youth League District Committee, liked this guy, he said, this robot supports disinfection liquid ultra-dry atomised spray disinfection, UVC ultraviolet disinfection and plasma air purification three disinfection modes, can be indoor surface and air disinfection of 360 ° no dead angle. The most pleasing to him is that the “big white” instead of manual, reducing the risk of cross-infection, but also reduce the work intensity of health care workers, improve the efficiency of the sealing and control of the community’s work.


In Changzhou, the mention of robots, passers-by know Bayes. This company, known as Jiangsu Bayes Robotics Co Ltd, buries its head deep into all the secrets of robotics. Since 2019, this robot manufacturer in Jiangsu has independently developed a number of industry-leading key robot technologies and platforms such as low-speed unmanned driving algorithm technology, full-domain adaptive scene semantic interaction technology, etc., and has combined AI technology with vertical scenes in depth, creating a variety of service robot solutions such as AI education, intelligent guidance, unmanned distribution, disinfection, and so on.


Also in only two years, Bayes has applied for a total of 70 patents, of which more than 30% are invention patents. Using the most core laser SLAM + VSLAM technology, the Bayes robotics can travel freely even in a crowd.


In late April this year, Bayes also made a joint appearance with Huawei at the national “4th Digital China Construction Achievement Exhibition”.


Bayes’ intelligent service robot, BUDDY, was an important part of Huawei’s City Intelligence Body, providing intelligent services to visitors at Huawei’s booth. This is a renewed co-operation following BUDDY’s role as Huawei’s invited digital interpreter for the 2020 High Tech Fair.


Visitors were able to see, touch, and speak the intelligent service robot BUDDY and experience its convenient services such as welcome and reception, guided tours, and Q&A sessions.


Unlike general “input” Q&A, BUDDY’s self-learning and linguistic summarisation ability made the visitors wonder.


In addition to questions and answers, Bayes’ technological strength is also demonstrated in BUDDY, including face recognition, data analysis, research questionnaires and other multi-scenario functions.


At present, Bayes Robotics has built the overall solution of intelligent service robots around multiple intelligent scenes, which has been applied in Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Jiangsu Big Data Industrial Park, Changzhou No. 3 People’s Hospital, Intel Future Technology Intelligence Centre, and Goodyear High-end Innovation Centre.


Just as Bayes is “evolving”, Bayes robotics are also evolving.


Cloud-based, AI as the core, Bayes robotics in the global robotics field to go more “self”.


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