Bayes Robotics invited to participate in the opening of Jiangsu Skilled Personnel Service Industrial Park

On 20 May, Jiangsu (Wujin) Skilled Talent Service Industrial Park was officially opened. The industrial park is the first life-cycle integration of skilled personnel public service platform in Jiangsu Province, aimed at forming a more attractive and competitive system of skilled personnel system, growing the scale of skilled personnel, improve the structure of skilled personnel, build skilled talent highland, boosting the development of modern industry. Bayes Robotics, as a representative enterprise of artificial intelligence in Wujin Hi-Tech Zone, its guided tour robot BUDDY was invited to be a digital interpreter to receive the leaders and their entourage.

The opening event was hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Changzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Changzhou Wujin District People’s Government, and organised by Wujin District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

Liu Xinchang, Deputy Director of the Department of Occupational Capacity Building of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Gu Chao, Deputy Director of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangsu Province, Yang Fen, Vice Mayor of Changzhou Municipal People’s Government, Chen Zhiliang, Mayor of the People’s Government of Wujin District, Jia Xiujuan, Secretary of the CPC Group of Changzhou Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau and Director of Changzhou Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, Liu Zhifeng, Standing Committee Member of the Committee of the Wujin District, Standing Deputy Mayor of the Wujin District, Secretary of the Party Group of the Human Resource and Social Security Bureau of Wujin District, Director Wu Huazhong and other leaders attended the opening activities, which were also attended by the persons in charge of the relevant units of the province, the city and the district, the members of the expert advisory group of the industrial park, and the persons in charge of some colleges and universities.


General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the skilled labour force is an important force supporting China’s manufacturing and creation, and that it is necessary to cultivate more high-quality technical and skilled personnel, skilled craftsmen and great national craftsmen. However, the new situation of skilled personnel training system is not perfect, evaluation standards are not uniform, exchange and configuration services are not accurate and other issues remain prominent.

To this end, the province’s first to do a larger and stronger skilled personnel team as the lead of the provincial skilled personnel services industrial park came into being, settled in Wujin. This is one of the 10 important measures launched by the human resources and social services departments of Jiangsu Province to accelerate the cultivation of high-quality skilled personnel by focusing on industrial development.


In 2019, Bayes Robotics, as the eleventh batch of leading talent introduction project of “Longcheng Talent Plan”, was stationed in Wujin National Hi-tech Zone. During this period, Bayes Robotics fully grasps the opportunity of the Longcheng Talent Honour Project, continuously develops new robot products, improves the robot’s learning ability and decision-making ability, and continuously improves the enterprise’s innovation ability.

In just three years, Bayes Robotics has applied for a total of 65 patents, and achieved the production and listing of various products such as BUDDY, a guided tour robot, COLA, a food delivery robot, and APOLLO, an unmanned educational robot, etc. The disinfection robot, HINER, will be formally launched in the second half of this year, which will help various industries carry out normalised epidemic prevention work.


In the future, Bayes Robotics will actively grasp the opportunities for the development of Wujin’s new artificial intelligence industry, continue to plough into the niche application scenarios of service robots, accelerate the research and development and updating of key technologies, and pay attention to the introduction and cultivation of talents to help Wujin build a highland of AI technology talents and drive the scale development of the robotics industry in the region.

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