Bayes Robotics Creates Intelligent Showroom, Opens New Horizons for Intelligent Service Robots

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the exhibition hall of Changzhou Goodyear High-end Equipment Innovation Centre.” Walking into the Goodyear Innovation Centre, the enthusiastic robot interpreter came to the front. Recently, Bayes Intelligence’s BUDDY robot has been formally stationed in Changzhou Guoli High-end Equipment Innovation Centre (hereinafter referred to as “Guoli Innovation Centre”).


As an important part of Hong Kong-Soviet cooperation, the Goodyear Innovation Centre, with a total investment of RMB 500 million, makes up for the short board of Changzhou’s high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing, and is an international innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem project integrating innovative talent cultivation, project incubation, industrial acceleration and capital participation.


Unlike conventional exhibition halls, the Goodyear Innovation Centre hopes to take the lead in creating an innovative and contactless intelligent exhibition hall, and Bayes Intelligence provides intelligent service solutions integrating BUDDY guided tour robot, BayesBrain, a cloud-based robot middleware, and BayesOS, a robot operating system, to help it successfully create a very futuristic intelligent exhibition hall.

Explosive growth of intelligent service robot market


Thanks to the development of sensor technology, 5G technology and AI technology, a new generation of service robots with smarter, safer, easier and so on, in the current era of big data ushered in a breakthrough development. During the epidemic, service robots can be quickly “on duty”, in addition to the industry’s original technology accumulation breakthrough, but also to a certain extent to broaden and deepen the existing application scenarios.


China Robotics Industry Development Report 2019″ shows that in 2019 the global robotics market size will reach more than $29.4 billion, of which the scale of service robots is $9.46 billion. China’s service robot market is expected to reach $2.2 billion, accounting for about 23 per cent of the market share. Market research firm IDC predicts that by 2020, the global market for commercial service robots in healthcare, retail wholesale, utilities and transport will reach $17 billion, and the Chinese market has stepped into a period of rapid growth. Fuelled by the demand for commercial scenarios, service robots, as a popular branch industry product, are widely put into use in various scenarios.


In addition to the market and epidemic drive, favourable policies are also one of the important reasons why intelligent service robots have ushered in a new wave of development. After the introduction of “Made in China 2025”, the state released the “Robot Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)” and “Special Action for the Innovation and Development of Intelligent Hardware Industry (2016-2018)” in 2016, and released the “Intelligent Robotics” Key Special Project Declaration Guidelines for 2017″ in 2017, further providing a new impetus for the development of intelligent service robots. In 2017, it also issued the “Key Special Project Declaration Guide for “Intelligent Robotics” in 2017″, which further provided policy support for the service robot industry.


Leading Technology + Mature Solutions Empower Intelligent Showroom


Not only in the field directly related to the epidemic, the advancement of intelligent service robots in some related fields is also remarkable.


As a platform for mutual communication and understanding between many enterprises and customers today, showrooms are gradually being taken seriously. With the increasing demand for highlights in exhibition halls, the increasing work intensity and frequency of explainers, and the rising cost of employment for enterprises, the application of mature intelligent technology is expected to become an efficient solution. Bayes Robotics intelligent exhibition hall solution, on the one hand, can help business owners in the traditional exhibition hall on the basis of saving manpower costs, improve the efficiency and quality of the explanation, increase the flow of people, enhance audience satisfaction, increase the highlights of the exhibition hall; on the other hand, the visiting audience can further enhance the experience of the visit, in the access to effective cultural content and information at the same time, to further deepen the sense of identity with the pavilion side.


BUDDY guided tour robot has become the star of the showroom after it has been stationed there, and it has been attracted the attention and love of the visitors of Goodyear Innovation Centre.


BUDDY robot is a multi-scene commercial intelligent service robot that has reached the practical level, equipped with a full-stack multi-sensor fusion perception system and a self-adaptive scene semantics interaction knowledge map to meet the personalised service needs of different scenarios, and is applied in government halls, banks, supermarkets, museums, hotels, office reception and other scenarios. It can not only independently and efficiently provide a variety of services such as visitor reception, active welcoming, wayfinding, Q&A consulting, guided tours, etc., but also has the functions of face recognition, advertisement playback, data analysis, research questionnaires and so on. More importantly, it provides year-round services with professional standards.


The functional complexity of the exhibition hall and the mobility of the personnel, the robot in the work of human-machine interaction has higher requirements, in which the autonomous navigation and intelligent planning of routes and other essential functions, Bayes Robotics relies on independent research and development of limited-scenario low-speed unmanned chassis, adaptive scenario semantic interaction, complex robotics system BayesOS, cloud robotics platform BayesBrain and other leading technologies and platforms in the industry. Bayes Robotics relies on the industry’s leading technologies and platforms such as BayesOS, BayesBrain and other complex robotic systems, and uses them as a carrier for in-depth integration with vertical scenarios, which makes the BUDDY guided tour robot more comfortable in the face of the huge flow of people.


Taking the application of Goodyear Innovation Centre as an example, the BUDDY guiding robot takes the initiative to welcome and receive visitors in the lobby of the exhibition hall, navigate and guide the visitors in the exhibition hall, explain each exhibition area and exhibits, and at the same time, provide interactive functions such as business consulting and Q&A, so as to comprehensively improve the service experience of the guests and alleviate the pressure on the service personnel as well as the operation and maintenance cost of the enterprise in the exhibition hall.


Promoting the intelligent upgrade of the service industry in the new era


Bayesian Intelligence’s intelligent service solutions built around intelligent superstores, intelligent banks, intelligent medical care, intelligent museums, intelligent scenic spots, intelligent homes, intelligent front offices, intelligent libraries, intelligent campuses, intelligent public security and other scenarios have huge advantages. The monthly salary of an experienced service staff is about 6,000 yuan, and the use of this smart service solution can effectively reduce costs.


At the same time, in the epidemic crisis has not completely subsided today, intelligent service robot can provide zero-touch service, to deal with the unexpected epidemic, multi-scene applications to meet the different needs of enterprises. Bayes Robotics’ intelligent service solution also provides personalised configuration, data support and visual management, making it easy to control the overall situation while achieving differentiated competition.


With the deep excavation of personalised needs in multiple scenarios, the requirements for robot intelligence in various industries will become higher and higher, while the model of AI+robot+service+content will also be implemented in more industries and actual scenarios. Bayes Robotics will take the strategic vision of “letting high-quality robots serve thousands of households”, focusing on the research of key technology and ecological creation of service robots, handing over creative work to people and repetitive labour positions to robots, and letting the model of “human-robot collaboration” help enterprises, enterprises, and enterprises in the field of human-robot collaboration. The “human-robot collaboration” model helps enterprises and industries to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and use robot big data to improve the efficiency of the offline economy and promote the implementation of digital infrastructure.



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