Bayes Robotics at the 79th China Education Equipment Exhibition, helping to upgrade AI education

The 79th China Education Equipment Exhibition was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 23rd to 25th April, and all kinds of new products, technologies and achievements in education equipment were presented. Bayes Robotics appeared at the 79th Education Equipment Exhibition with complete solutions for AI education, covering the whole age of primary school, junior high school and high school, including a variety of educational sets such as unmanned robots and industrial-grade AI experience products such as guided lecture robots, and a wealth of human-computer interactions, which interpreted a vivid picture of AI education for the exhibition audience.

As we all know, the development plan of artificial intelligence has entered the national strategic level, however, China’s artificial intelligence basic education solutions are still in the exploration and verification stage, and there is no unified industry standard. With the continuous introduction of relevant policies, there is currently a shortage of more than 5 million artificial intelligence talents in China, with a serious imbalance between supply and demand.


The existing toy building block type pseudo-artificial intelligence education solutions on the market are unable to meet the needs of education teaching and talent cultivation. Based on this background, Bayes Robotics has integrated its rich industrial-grade AI experience and technology with AI education, and developed a variety of AI education robot kits, including self-driving car kits, rubbish sorting kits, AI shooting kits, and visual grasping kits.


According to the cognitive characteristics of students in different school age groups, Bayes AI basic education solution takes computing power, algorithms, data training and project scenario application as the core of teaching, carries the industry’s top hardware equipment, sinks 30 mainstream AI technologies from the industry into classroom teaching, and combines with the supporting BayesStudio software platform, Python practical textbooks and teaching aids and lesson plan materials, so that teachers and students can, in the course of practical learning, experience the application of AI, learn AI technology, and master the knowledge of Python programming, and help schools at all levels carry out the teaching of artificial intelligence education.


At present, Bayes Robotics has reached a strategic cooperation with Jiangsu Province Qianhuang Senior High School, Jiangsu Province Xishan Senior High School, Jiangsu Province Danyang Senior High School, Jiangsu Province Taizhou High School, Danyang City Huainan Experimental School and other head junior high and high schools in Jiangsu Province, to establish a joint laboratory of AI education, and at the same time, has been invited many times to conduct training on AI education for primary and secondary school teachers in 13 cities in Jiangsu Province.


In the future, Bayes Robotics will adhere to the six core of “AI hardware + AI software + AI curriculum + AI lab construction + AI teacher training + AI competition services” to provide full-stack services for the whole industry chain of education and training, to solve the difficulties of teaching teachers, to fully stimulate the curiosity and creativity of students, and to lay a solid foundation for the future development of the school, which is perfectly suited to the teaching needs of primary schools, middle schools and high schools in the areas of innovative education, quality education and so on.

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