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The hospital logistics robot KINOX, developed independently by Bayes Robotics, is equipped with a full-stack multi-sensor fusion perception system. The product employs technologies such as laser navigation, 3D visual obstacle avoidance, multi-robot scheduling, intelligent sensing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It enables autonomous in-hospital driving for fully automated delivery and mobile storage functions, replacing manual transportation of items such as medication, specimens, and IV bags. It meets the automated delivery needs of over 95% of the hospital's items.

Product Features

Leading Algorithm

Independently developed multi-sensor fusion algorithms, ensuring robust operation with a 50% variability rate in dynamic scenarios, and preventing getting lost in long corridors with a single feature environment.

Fast and Efficient

Capable of bi-directional travel, safe operation in elevators; autonomous navigation, rapid and efficient planning of optimal routes.

Precision Navigation

360° full-vision laser navigation, capable of real-time recognition and planning of optimal paths, ensuring precise navigation and bidirectional flexible movement.

Safety Intelligence

Dual lasers, front and rear dual cameras provide 360° full coverage; object recognition, avoidance of "people-floating objects," ensuring safety and reliability.

Strong Adaptability

Ignores deviations, intelligently aligns; no waiting required, automatic loading and unloading; no need for environment modification, quick deployment.

Smart IoT

Capable of independent elevator and door control, intelligent IoT, reducing manual operations and improving work efficiency.


Product Specifications

Basic parameters
Payload Capacity
100KG/200KG/300KG (optional)
Navigation Method
Laser SLAM+Inertial Navigation+Visual Assistance
Charging Method
Screen Size
10.1 inches
Performance Parameters
ABS, antibacterial and easy to clean
Charging Time
≤4 hours
Battery Life
≥10 hours
Climbing Ability
≤10 degrees
Movement Speed

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