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The ARUA series unmanned handling chassis, independently developed and designed by Bayes Robotics, is a dedicated hospital corridor transport robot chassis. It features a full-stack multi-sensor fusion perception system and utilizes technologies such as laser navigation, 3D visual obstacle avoidance, multi-robot scheduling, intelligent sensing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It enables unmanned autonomous delivery and mobile storage, offering a scalable platform with load capacities ranging from 100kg to 500kg to meet the needs of various industries and scenarios. Additionally, it includes 360° panoramic laser navigation for safety, reliability, and strong scalability, with the ability to trace and control delivery information throughout the process.

Product Features

Intelligent Navigation

This robot is equipped with a high-precision navigation system that can real-time identify and plan the optimal path, ensuring rapid and safe navigation within the hospital, and reducing the likelihood of personnel getting lost.

High Safety

The robot is equipped with advanced sensors and obstacle avoidance technology, enabling it to continuously perceive its surroundings in real-time, avoid collisions, and ensure the safety of both the robot and personnel.

Remote Operation

Users can monitor the robot's status and operations through a remote control terminal, and they also have the option to operate the robot remotely, providing a more flexible control method.

Leading Algorithm

Supports long corridor positioning, real-time adaptation to dynamic environments, and dynamic map updates, minimizing environmental impact, and ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the robot, thereby continuously creating value for customers.

Smart IoT

Capable of independent elevator use and door control, intelligent IoT integration reduces manual operations and enhances work efficiency.

Strong Adaptability

Ignores deviations, smart alignment; no waiting required, automatic loading and unloading; no need for environment modification, quick deployment.


Product Specifications

Basic Parameters
Product Dimensions
Core Sensors
Dual Laser Radar*2 + Depth Camera*1 + Anti-collision Strip*1
15AH/54V Lithium Battery
Automatically adjustable from 0 to 100kg
Climbing Ability
10 degrees
Performance Parameters
Positioning Accuracy
Maximum Speed
1.2m/s, adjustable
Obstacle Clearance
Obstacle Height
Battery Lifespan
1500 cycles

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