Bev InfoDrones will be legal on the road, should you trust yourself or the robots?

A few days ago, the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government Information Office official public number “Shenzhen” issued a news release, “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Intelligent Networked Vehicles Regulations” (referred to as “Regulations”) will be implemented on 1 August. It is reported that this is the first domestic legislation on the definition of autonomous driving of intelligent networked vehicles, market access rules, right of way, rights and responsibilities identified in various aspects of specific provisions.

From the January 2021 release of the consultation draft, to the release of the official draft, shenzhen in the field of high-tech again showed the “shenzhen speed”. But driverless cars as a new thing, in the end driverless on the road in the end is not reliable?

Marks has said: Tesla will be the world’s largest robotics company, “our car is like a semi-sensitive robot with wheels”.

That is to say, automatic driving is not just an accessory to the car, and the arithmetic, algorithms, perception, execution, and even data related to automatic driving can become the core ability of AI to open up more vertical fields.

Building cars or robots

What is the ultimate form of the future car? There is no steering wheel, no need for human driving; the car is not divided into driving, passenger seat, passengers just need to relax sitting, lying in the car; the whole only need voice and car communication ……, as a form of robotics, the car will eventually evolve into a car robot, and be used by people.

On 18 August 2021, Baidu World Congress, Robin Li released Apollo “car robot”, at the same time, the robot concept car debut. On the outside, the automatic gull-wing doors, all-glass roof and external sensors are integrated; on the inside, the car robot does not have a steering wheel, pedals, and has an oversized curved screen, intelligent console, light-altering glass, zero-gravity seats, and other intelligent configurations.

Serve Robotics, the robotics division of Uber that was spun off from Postmates, has launched a new generation of delivery robots with automatic emergency braking, vehicle collision avoidance, and fail-safe redundant mechanical braking, in an attempt to create a new category of robots with an L4 level of self-driving. The robot successfully completed tens of thousands of deliveries in Los Angeles last year.

Veteran self-driving companies, new car-making forces, the world’s highest market capitalisation OEMs, are all releasing robots, and even if it’s by chance, there is bound to be a deep internal connection.

Standing on the high ground of the future of artificial intelligence, the boundaries between cars, drones , and robots will become increasingly blurred. With the impact of the wave of robotics, I believe that in the near future, unmanned vehicles will be able to have more customers, people can also liberate their hands, so that self-driving quietly from science fiction film to reality.

The most important point is that automobiles, traffic and travelling are closely related to people’s safety, and all enterprises should regard guaranteeing the safety of automatic driving technology as the starting point of all technology research and development and commercial promotion.

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