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HINER Medical Disinfection Robot

Short Description:

HINER medical disinfection robot is independently developed and designed by AIBAYES, supporting three disinfection modes of super-dry atomization spray disinfection, UVC disinfection and plasma air purification, which can carry out 360° disinfection on indoor object surfaces and air. With AIBAYES indoor L4 unmanned core technology, it can independently plan disinfection routes, automatic avoid barriers and navigate, disinfect regularly in the whole day, and automatically return to the seat for charging. The intelligent management does not require for manual duty.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Product Weight 70kg
screen size 10.1 inches
operating system Android
Atomizing nozzle 6 groups
liquid storage tank 15L
Atomization amount 3L/h
Spray particle size <10μm
UVC Ultraviolet Lamp 4
air filter replaceable
Moving speed 0.6~1.0m/s adjustable
wheel obstacle height 10mm
Maximum climbing angle ≤5°
core sensor Infrared Sensor, LiDAR 3D Depth Camera, Bumper
battery life 5h
Charging time 2h
Accessories Charging pile (includes power adapter)

Core Highlights

Easy to use
Easy to use

By setting up the management platform BayesBrain, HINER can automatically perform disinfection tasks without manual intervention. What a simple and con- venient operation.


HINER presets various standard disinfection modes, which can match most disinfection scenarios, and supports multi-parameter settings: disinfection time setting. UV lamp setting. air purification setting.


Totally intelligent operation, human-machine separa- tion to ensure the safety of personnel.


Equipped with various disinfection methods to quan- titatively manage the disinfection process.


Automatic disinfection around targets without any blind corner.


When the disinfection work is completed or the battery is low, HINER will automatically go back to recharge.

1.Triple intelligent disinfection, 360° no dead angle disinfection

Switch among three disinfection modes freely to meet a variety of disinfection needs. Disinfect 1000m3 space in 15 minutes, the disinfection and sterilization reach up to 99.99%.

Super dry atomization disinfection

6 sets of atomizing nozzles to achieve 5 times of atomization

Micron atomization disinfection

Low liquid level alarm, intelligent anti-dry burning

UVC disinfection

4 sets of UVC lamps >200μw/cm3

360° no dead angle disinfection

Kill pathogenic microorganisms all around in space

Plasma air purification

Compound double layer filter design

Filter PM2.5 particles with high efficiency

2.Intelligent pedestrian monitoring to ensure environmental safety

With high-precision laser radar, when the disinfection mode is turned on, it can monitor people moving within 2 meters of the sterilized environment in real time, and automatically shut down the disinfection mode to ensure environmental safety.

Automatic intelligent disinfection

Intelligent shutdown to ensure safety

3.Unattended, intelligent management

Automatic disinfection at all day, no manual duty. Support parameter self-configuration and data tracking, record the disinfection data in an all-round way, meet the requirements of hospital disinfection in various scenarios with perfect abnormal state alarm function.

4.Autonomous navigation, all-around obstacle avoidance

Self-developed modular moving chassis, multi-sensor positioning, achieve autonomous precise navigation, 3D all-around obstacle avoidance, disinfect and avoid obstacles flexibly in complex environment.

Laser radar, RGB-D depth camera

Infrared detection, ultrasonic wave, etc.

Multi-sensor positioning

360° laser scanning

Intelligently senses obstacles in all around

Respond in milliseconds, avoid obstacles flexibly

Car gauge level independence

Strong linkage suspension obstacle clearing capability

Linkage suspension has strong ability of obstacle crossing

Ensure the smooth operation of the robot

5.Man-machine separation, set disinfection task with one button

You can order disinfection tasks and set the disinfection route, time and mode. No manual intervention is required during disinfection work, which truly achieve human-machine separation, prevent cross infection, and strengthen medical protection.

Create a map

Set the point

Set the disinfection route

Configure disinfection mode

Timed disinfection

Plan routes and avoid obstacles automatically

6.Return to pile automatically, and charge rapidly

After disinfection, it will automatically return to the charging pile to charge, realizing the 7x24 hours work and resolving the worry caused by the lack of electricity.

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