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COLA Multi-function Delivery Robot

Short Description:

COLA multifunctional meal delivery robot COLA is a service robot created by Bays intelligence for indoor unmanned distribution scene. It pioneered a new model of “distribution + welcome + cruise” industry, which aims to help customers improve service efficiency, reduce operating costs and enhance brand image.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Robot dimension 530*530*1260mm Charging time 6h
Robot weight 59kg Recharging method Replacement/automatic recharge/direct recharge
Screen dimension 10.1inch Core sensor Laser radar, 2D cameraSix-microphone array, 3D camera

IR detection, touch response Loudspeaker, Ultrasonic sensor

Load capacity Max 40kg, 10kg/tray
Volume for load 405*520*180mm/tray
Moving speed 0.5-1.2m/s (Adjustable) Working environment Indoors, flat and smooth floor
Operation system Android Working temperature 0ºC~40ºC
Battery Lithium battery 25.2V, 18.2Ah Storage temperature -20ºC~50ºC
Battery life 10-24h (Replaceable Battery) Accessory Recharger, Charging pile,Pull-out battery (optional)

Industry-innovative compound running modes of delivery robot

Distribution mode
Greeting mode
Cruise mode
Interaction with voice
Distribution mode

offering multi-point distribution service

Greeting mode

interacting with voice, emoji, and touch

Cruise mode

voice broadcast to attract customers on a specific route

Interaction with voice

anti-theft food reminder, take-away food reminder, advertising, chatting


different task status indicator in color red, green or blue


12 original dynamic emojis


Automatic return by touching the top button


10.1-inch smart touch screen

Core Strengths

Multi-point Distribution, 4-tier Heavy-duty Load, Performance Tripled

Triple efficiency improvement with distributed scheduling system

40.5*52cm 4-tier large tray structure, 10kg of load for each tier, supports COLA in delivering food to four tables at a time.

Maximum 300 times/day delivery by COLA

Maximum 100 times/day delivery by waiter

IR-induction tray can automatically detect the status of tray items, easy to dismantle and clean

Autonomous navigation and 3D omnidirectional obstacle avoidance technologies ensure accurate and safe delivery

Self-researched modular motion chassis uses multi-sensor fusion positioning technology, from lidar, IMU, encoder, 3D camera, 2D camera and ultrasonic, etc.

- Minimum height of object detection is 9cm

- Front obstacle detection range exceeds 16m

- Front detection angle up to 180°

Three rows and six wheels designand and vehicle-level independent linkage suspension system make COLA easily overcome obstacles and run smoothly.

User-friendly Multi-mode Interaction


Power exchange technology realizes 24/7 operation

COLA supports three kinds of charging modes: fast power exchange, automatic recharge and direct charging. The pull-out battery design can ensure 24/7 operation.

Application Scenarios

Restaurant Starred Hotel
Sanatorium High-end Club
Hospital 4S Store
KTV Internet Cafe

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